“A Strong Voice For Innes”

Innes Ward is one of the greatest communities in the City of Ottawa, rich in people, culture, and scenic beauty. Surrounded by the lush greenbelt, family friendly parks and outstanding recreation spaces, the neighbourhoods of Innes Ward are the ideal places to live, work and play.

As a resident of the Ward, my family and I enjoy a true sense of community within our neighbourhood, the opportunity for our children to grow in a multilingual environment and the various activities that the greenbelt has to offer.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I served Canada for 28 years and I retired in 2015. Since then, I have operated a successful training consulting business with clients located in the City of Ottawa.

Together, we can continue to make our ward a great place for our families, ensure the protection of our environment and encourage a vibrant and growing local economy.

As your city council candidate, I want to be your STRONG VOICE FOR INNES.