Comparez François avec les autres candidats

Chers amis et voisins du quartier Innes, vous avez la responsabilité d’engager votre prochain conseiller municipal.

Le conseiller municipal pour le quartier Innes est un poste très important, qui compte parmi ses responsabilités, la consultation communautaire, la planification à long terme, d’assurer l’intendance efficace du budget de $3,4 milliards de notre ville, ainsi que de traiter les préoccupations courantes du quartier Innes. Pour en savoir plus sur le rôle, cliquez ici pour une description (malheureusement disponible seulement en anglais).

Passons maintenant au compétences et à l’expérience. Quel des candidats a le plus d’expérience,  l’éducation la plus pertinente et est le leader le plus expérimenté, tout en demeurant très impliqué dans notre communauté locale?

Ces réponses parviennent directement des candidats lors d’un sondage de CBC News Ottawa daté du 4 septembre. Pour accéder à l’article original cliquez ici.

Q. Tell us about any formal education, training or other credentials you think are relevant to the job of being a councillor. (Limit answer to 150 words.)

François Trépanier Leith-Gudbranson Dudas Lynch
1. Undergraduate degree in Political Sciences, with a minor in Canadian Studies. (1999)

2. Master in Public Administration (Management). (2004)

3. Master in Education (Adult Education). (2012)

4. Over 20 years of managerial experience.

5. 28 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces.

6. In my last job in uniform, I managed the NCR portion of the Canadian Forces Language School, where I had a staff of over 50 employees, mixed between military, public servant, unionized and non-unionized and contractors, in addition to a $4.3 Million budget. Never went over my spending allowance! Managing such a diverse staff helped me develop extraordinary negotiating skills.

7. Successful entrepreneur for the last three years, since retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces.

8. Actively involved in the community through several organization: BCA, 51 Air Cadet Squadron, Vintage Stock Theatre, The Rotary Club of Orléans.

• BA in translation from the University of Ottawa

• Worked in Councillor Rainer Bloess’ office from 2003-2009 (planning & policy, constituency issues, budget)

• President, School Council, École élémentaire publique Le Prélude (10 years; 2000-2010

• President, Chapel Hill South Community Association (last 3 years); Vice-president, 7 years before that
Board member, Friends of Mer Bleue (last 3 years)

• Co-chair, Regional Fundraising Committee, Canadian Blood Services’ National Public Cord Blood Bank

• I have been President of the Blackburn Community Association for the past 8 years, and active on the board for 10 years. In that time, I have chaired multiple volunteer boards, organized large-scale events, raised funds for local causes, and organized many public consultations.
• As a community advocate, I have worked to build strong relationships with Orléans’ community associations and groups, collaborating with them to get results on issues that are important to east end residents.
• I have been a member of the Orléans Chamber of Commerce and an active supporter of the Heart of Orléans Business Improvement Association.
• Professionally, I have been a City of Ottawa employee for 7 years, providing strategic communications on a wide variety of projects and issues, including ones that directly benefitted Innes Ward and the east end. Prior to that, I worked as a journalist for several daily newspapers, which also gave me a keen sense of what people care about where they live.
Since my unpaid leave of absence to run for City Council, I worked in the Innes Ward office as the Director of Community Relations during this term of council. This position afforded me with the opportunity to interact with residents and senior staff at the City of Ottawa regularly on issues such as transportation and development. I worked closely with the five community associations, planned many community events, and attended countless Committee and Council meetings. I am aware of every development file in Innes Ward. If elected there will be no learning curve for me, I would be ready to continue to work for the residents of Innes Ward on Day 1. I was also a longtime community volunteer with the Blackburn Stingers and I was on the Parent Council at Good Shepherd School.

Pour en savoir plus sur les qualifications de François, cliquez ici.