What should you consider when selecting your Innes Ward representative?

Education Matters!

I have a degree in Political Studies, a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Master’s degree in Education. As your City Councillor, I will leverage my directly-related education to:

  • Formulate policies
  • Interpret rulings governing the City of Ottawa
  • Safeguard accountability principles and the financial integrity of the City of Ottawa
  • Determining service fees and taxes
  • Provide oversight in the operations of the City of Ottawa
  • Evaluate policies and program that best serve the interests of Ottawa’s residents and Innes Ward in particular

Service Track Record Matters!

I have a long track record of community service. As your City Councillor, I will continue to serve by:

  • Liaising between the City of Ottawa and Innes ward residents
  • Attending Community Association meetings and collaborate with the five Community Associations of Innes Ward
  • Providing assistance to you and all Innes Ward residents with respect to Ottawa’s services

Leadership Skills Matter!

As your City Councillor, I will use my proven leadership skills in the following roles:

  • Fully and effectively participate in City Council meetings
  • Chair or fully participate as a member of committees, task forces and various boards
  • Develop policies and programs that best serve the interests of Ottawa residents and Innes Ward in particular
  • Managing Ottawa’s financial operations
    • in my last job in uniform, I successfully managed a budget of $4.3 Million
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability
  • Supervise administrative personnel
    • in my last job as a military officer, I managed a staff of over 50 people, mixed between military personnel, public service employees, some unionized and some non-unionized, and also consultants and contractors on high-level National Defense projects
  • Meeting with all parties involved on issues/concerns and arrive at negotiated decisions agreeable to all parties, especially when it involves the City’s proposed directions aimed at renewed services and changes
  • Provide assistance, direction and information to the residents of our Ward
  • Obtain the assistance of City’s staff in resolving issues and concerns

Personal Experience Matters!

As a former Canadian Forces member, I had the opportunity to live in six Canadian provinces and in as many as ten different cities. That experience will benefit me when it is time to:

  • Consider the future developments for Ottawa, provide vision and direction for Ottawa and for City planning
  • Consider the well-being and interest of the Citizens of Ottawa – my experience of living in other cities will help determine what programs could work for Ottawa and what programs may not work so well