Ecology Ottawa Survey of Innes Ward Candidates

Ecology Ottawa, creating a city-wide movement for the environment

Ecology Ottawa has published the responses from their all-candidates survey on environmental issues affecting our Ward and our City.

Link to survey responses:

Some of François’ thoughtful and detailed responses highlighted below:

If elected, what steps will you take to make Ottawa a leader on environmental issues during the next term of council?

François Trépanier: I will continue to promote and support environmental initiatives, much as I do in my daily life and as you can see on my platform. We need to consider electric busses for OC Transpo, safer protected bike and pedestrian lanes and continue to consider environmental impacts and solutions to every city projects.

If elected, will you commit to prioritizing pedestrian, cycling, and affordable public transit infrastructure over automobile infrastructure in meeting the future growth in travel demand in your ward?

Francois Trepanier: YES. These elements of safe cycling and safe pedestrian pathways are part of my current platform, along with improved public transit and the reduction of automobile traffic, through the creation of employment in East Ottawa.