Affordable and Inclusive Housing

Learn more about the CFFO and the good work they do helping special needs people in our community live autonomously here: Here is my response to their survey.

1. Will you make affordable housing in Orléans a priority? 

Absolutely. I believe that every new project should be mandated to have inclusive housing as part of their project. Inclusivity is proven to work and it is a concept that I promote during my campaign and that I will continue to promote once elected.

2. What percentage of housing should be affordable and inclusive in our ward and our city?

I believe there should be a set percentage of inclusive units depending on the number of units involved in the project. Incidentally, I believe that 15% should be the minimum for every new project, whether it is housing or apartment units. Larger projects should carry a larger percentage of inclusive housing. Perhaps 15% up to 50 or 60 units? A larger project could have a set percentage of 20% and so on? We would need to work with the developers, the beneficiary of these units and organization such as yours to develop percentages that work for all. This is a matter of awareness and education for developers. When we meet them and demonstrate the benefits of inclusive housing, they tend to be more open to the concept of inclusive housing.

I am happy to report that I have met with Ed Sawaya (from Melkart) last Friday and the first thing he said to me is that he is committed to 15% accessible units in his current project on Innes Rd. He even said that he is willing to consider more than 15% for future projects.