Friends and neighbours of Innes Ward, thank you for being engaged voters and taking the time to visit my website. I know how busy you are and I have created this “virtual town hall” so that you can get quick answers to the questions that matter to you.

I am a busy person, what is your elevator pitch?
Thanks for taking the time to vote! Here goes:

My core values are transparency, integrity and accountability. This means that I will follow through on my commitments and communicate my progress to all ward residents. In addition to addressing day-to-day concerns, and correcting the planning mistakes of the past, we need to ensure that long-term infrastructure planning will meet the needs of our fast-growing community. If you believe, that your next Innes Ward Councillor must have fiscal experience, proven leadership, relevant education and a life-long track-record of service, vote François Trépanier, your STRONG VOICE for Innes Ward!

Click here for my pitch on CTV News Ottawa.

What makes you different from the other candidates?
It’s not easy making a choice based on some signs in the street, a visit to a website and perhaps a brief greeting at your doorstep. What makes me stand out the most are my qualifications for the job of City Councillor for Innes Ward. I have the education, experience and background required for policy development, planning and program evaluation in committee and debate in council. Don’t take my word for it though, the Ottawa Citizen surveyed the candidates on their qualifications. Compare them side-by-side and make your own conclusions!

What makes you a safe choice?
One of the reasons why so many city Councillors serve for multiple terms is that they are the safe choice. In this election, there is no incumbent and given the size of our ward, you may not have met me personally. That being said, feel free to contact me if you would like to arrange a meeting.

I am the safe choice to ensure that your tax dollars are put to good use because of my fiscal experience. I am the safe choice to represent our community because I am a bridge builder; in fact, two candidates that ran against me in 2014 have endorsed me and volunteered for my campaign in 2018.  I am the safe choice for planning because I have the focus, judgement and analytical skills required. Don’t take my word for it though, read this endorsement from my former Vice Admiral.

If elected, will you be available to ward residents?
My mobile phone number is on my website and it will continue to be after the election. I am committed to being available to all ward residents. Furthermore, I will reach out to ward residents and provide quarterly progress reports on my website in the official language of their choice. If a councillor is communicating effectively, it is easy to find out what is going on in the city and the ward!

How will you be accountable to ward residents?
Transparency, integrity and accountability are the three core principles of my campaign. In addition to quarterly progress reports on my website, my staff and I will track all issues raised by residents in a systematic and transparent way. This is demonstrated by the way that I have run my campaign, with all of my survey results being readily available on my website.

What will you do to reduce traffic?
There are major changes coming to the city and our ward with LRT/O-Train and rapid development, particularly in Orléans South. We need to move quickly to address the transit-related issues that will pop-up with upcoming OCTranspo route changes and quickly address traffic hotspots, such as the much-needed Brian Coburn extension.

That being said, we can’t stop there. We need to plan today for the needs of the future by extending existing road infrastructure to create east-west and north-south corridors to relieve traffic issues for current and future ward residents. We also need to expand our LRT network to ensure that residents of fast-growing Orléans-South are well served, which along with protected cycling lanes, will take cars off the road. My platform is the only one with this kind of long term view.

I am concerned about transit getting worse after due to the opening of the O-Train
You are right to be concerned! While the LRT will eventually bring convenient and fast public transit to some ward residents, we need to make sure that all residents see the benefit of this major investment.

In the short term, there will be many issues to address, in fact we have already seen problems. On Sept. 2, OC Transpo modified many routes to prepare buses to feed into the new light rail system, which is now delayed and not due to open until the new year. We need a measured and careful approach to the roll-out to avoid LRT/O-train backlash.

Will you be able to get things done at city hall?
Innes ward needs a STRONG VOICE. That is why I am running for city council. We need a councillor who is willing and able to challenge the status quo and stand up for the needs of the residents. We do not need a spokesperson for the city, we need a representative for the residents!

While development is good and healthy for the city, the infrastructure, transportation in particular, has simply not kept pace. For the needs of the east-end to be taken seriously, you need a serious candidate and a bridge builder that can work with other council members and all levels of government. I am that candidate.

Can you give me 5 good reasons to vote for you?
I’ll do better than that, I’ll give you 50! Click here to view them.

My question is not listed above, how can I contact you?
To contact me click here. You can also try searching this site for what you are interested in:

I am still not convinced...
Click here to contact me ASAP! I need your support to help make Innes Ward a better place to live, work, play and do business.


My plan ensures Innes Ward is a great place to live, work, play and do business.

Major changes are happening in the ward, with LRT and new housing development in Orléans South.

The next term in council will be pivotal to ensure that these changes are met with smart planning, putting the right infrastructure in place to meet the needs of our community.

My platform is focused on five core objectives:

  • Economic development
  • Safe Streets
  • Environmental protection
  • Improved public transit
  • Addressing traffic issues
Extensions to existing road infrastructure to create east-west and north-south corridors to relieve traffic issues for current and future ward residents.

My platform contains short-term, medium-term and long-term elements and is well-researched and ready to be discussed at council and in committees.

I will deliver!

About Francois

“A Strong Voice For Innes”

Innes Ward is one of the greatest communities in the City of Ottawa, rich in people, culture, and scenic beauty. Surrounded by the lush greenbelt, family friendly parks and outstanding recreation spaces, the neighbourhoods of Innes Ward are the ideal places to live, work and play.

As a resident of the Ward, my family and I enjoy a true sense of community within our neighbourhood, the opportunity for our children to grow in a multilingual environment and the various activities that the greenbelt has to offer.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I served Canada for 28 years and I retired in 2015. Since then, I have operated a successful training consulting business with clients located in the City of Ottawa.

Together, we can continue to make our ward a great place for our families, ensure the protection of our environment and encourage a vibrant and growing local economy.

As your city council candidate, I want to be your STRONG VOICE FOR INNES.

An active community member, I bring the following to Innes Ward:


  • Undergraduate degree in Political Studies
  • Master’s of Public Administration (Management)
  • Master’s of Education

Service to our Community

  • Rotary Club of Orléans member (since Feb of 2017)
  • Vintage Stock Theater – Member, Board of Director (since Winter of 2017)
  • 51 CASM Air Cadet Squadron – Squadron Sponsoring Committee
  • Member of Blackburn Community Association (Since 2012):
    • Co-chair Annual Funfair Parade for 2017 and 2018 editions
    • Blackburn Hamlet Membership Director (2015 – 2017)
  • School Councils (2006 to 2017):
    • 7 years as President, 2 years as Vice-President, five different schools in Borden, ON, Cold Lake, AB and Ottawa, (École Le Prelude and École Louis Riel)
  • School board Trustee – Conseil scolaire Centre-Est, Alberta (2010 – 2012)
  • Museum Volunteer, Cold Lake Air Force Museum, Cold Lake, AB ( 2010 – 2012)
  • Click here for more details

Leadership Skills

I am a forward thinking, bilingual leader with extensive expertise in personnel and financial management. I have a demonstrated track record in:

  • Program Management and Evaluation
  • Educational Program Development
  • Inter-Organizational Teamwork
  • Governance / Organizational Leadership
  • Analysis-Change Management
  • Contractual oversight

Experience and Background

Francois grew-up in Longueuil, QC and enrolled in the Canadian Forces in April 1987. After 12 years with the Royal Canadian Navy, he was selected for University Training Program and completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Mount Saint-Vincent University, Halifax, NS. Since this time, Francois has served as a Naval Intelligence Officer and a Training Development Officer. After 28 years of service to his country, Francois retired from the Canadian Forces in 2015. Since then, Francois has operated a successful learning development consulting business in Ottawa.

Francois is married to Laurie and has two beautiful children, Victoria and Justin. In 2012, the Trépanier family was transferred to the National Capital Region, the area they have chosen as their final home. The Innes Ward was the ideal location, offering outstanding outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful communities.

Endorsement by Drew Robertson, Vice Admiral (Retired), Royal Canadian Navy

“François was my intelligence advisor for a seven-month operation at sea in the Middle East when I first met him. He worked tirelessly to help keep the 10 foreign and Canadian ships safe and their operations effective. Years later, he’s still engaged in public service.

Not only does he have the civic experience and work ethic one wants of an effective councillor, he brings the judgement needed to deal with the challenges of the coming decade, not just for our ward, but the city as well. Most importantly, it is his readiness to contribute to a strong and collaborative council focused on strategic issues that makes François my choice for City Councillor.”

– Drew Robertson, Vice Admiral (Retired), Royal Canadian Navy

Drew Robertson – Wikipedia

Robertson joined the Canadian Forces in 1973. He became commander of the destroyer HMCS Annapolis in 1995 and of the destroyer HMCS Athabaskan in 1999 before commanding the First Canadian Task Group during the Operation Apollo anti-terrorism deployment in 2001.

Endorsement by Phil McNeely

” I am pleased to say that Francois and I have worked together on the Orléans Rotary Club on food drives, tree planting, youth awards and many other projects. Francois is hard working, innovative, visionary and has the right experience to be an excellent Councillor. ”

– Phil McNeely, former Ottawa City councillor, Cumberland Ward

Phil McNeely – Wikipedia

In 2000, McNeely was elected as a municipal councillor for the Cumberland Ward of the amalgamated City of Ottawa, defeating incumbent Robert van den Ham. In 2002, he played a key role in the successful Hay West project, in which hay from eastern Canada was shipped to the drought-stricken west.

Endorsement by Theresa Whitmore

“I have worked with François on a multitude of community initiatives and have been extremely impressed with his work and passion for the Air Cadet Corps and the annual parade in Blackburn. Francois is a Francophone, a hard working committed community member, a veteran with 28 years of service to our country, extremely well educated with 3 university degrees, well spoken and not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo. This is the person who needs to represent our ward the only choice for our community. On 22 October, VOTE François Trépanier!”

– Theresa Whitmore, Past President of Rotary Club of Orléans, Candidate in Innes Ward in 2014 Municipal Elections

Teresa Whitmore – Real Estate Agent – Re/Max Core Realty Ltd | LinkedIn

Ambassador and Member of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, past Business Advisory Committee Chair for the City of Ottawa, past President of the Canadian Committee for UNIFEM, past City Councillor for Belleville, past President or the Rotary Club of Orleans, and more…

Endorsement by Roland Stieda

“I’ve known Francois Trepanier for close to five years – first as a political rival, and then very quickly there after, as a friend. I was the first individual in Ottawa to register as a council candidate in 2014 in Innes Ward. A few weeks later Francois registered and I knew that I had a fierce competitor to deal with. Over the the coming months I met Francois at many community events, and although we were rivals we were able to develop a friendship. We got to know one another quite well, and my opinion of him only rose as the campaign went on. When I had to suspend my campaign based on my doctors advice in August of 2014, Francois first concern was about my well being, and not about anything political. I think that this speaks volumes about his character as an individual. I could not continue campaigning, and his first thoughts were about me and my family. Thank you, Francois!

I have observed Francois at many events in Innes Ward, and he has always struck me as a man of incredible empathy, intelligence, and an ability to look beyond differences. I have watched him engage with community members and he has always observed and thoughtfully reflected, prior to stating where he stands on an issue. I know that Francois vast experience, his willingness to listen to others, his language abilities, his education, as well as the fact that he is not a city hall insider, make him the obvious candidate to choose in this 2018 election in Innes Ward. Good luck Francois. Innes Ward will be blessed to have you as its Councilor!”

– Roland Stieda, Candidate Innes Ward, 2014 Municipal Election

Roland Stieda – Quality Assurance Analyst – Imation Mobile Security | LinkedIn

Candidate Innes Ward, 2014 Municipal Election, active volunteer with numerous community associations, Orleans Kiwanis, social service organizations, and support of local hockey and soccer associations.

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