“A Strong Voice For Innes”

Innes Ward is one of the greatest communities in the City of Ottawa, rich in people, culture, and scenic beauty. Surrounded by the lush greenbelt, family friendly parks and outstanding recreation spaces, the neighbourhoods of Innes Ward are the ideal places to live, work and play.

As a resident of the Ward, my family and I enjoy a true sense of community within our neighbourhood, the opportunity for our children to grow in a multilingual environment and the various activities that the greenbelt has to offer.

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, I served Canada for 28 years and I retired in 2015. Since then, I have operated a successful training consulting business with clients located in the City of Ottawa.

Together, we can continue to make our ward a great place for our families, ensure the protection of our environment and encourage a vibrant and growing local economy.

As your city council candidate, I want to be your STRONG VOICE FOR INNES.


My plan ensures Innes Ward is a great place to live, work, play and do business.

Major changes are happening in the ward, with LRT and new housing development in Orléans South.

The next term in council will be pivotal to ensure that these changes are met with smart planning, putting the right infrastructure in place to meet the needs of our community.

My platform is focused on five core objectives:

  • Economic development
  • Safe Streets
  • Environmental protection
  • Improved public transit
  • Addressing traffic issues
Extensions to existing road infrastructure to create east-west and north-south corridors to relieve traffic issues for current and future ward residents.

My platform contains short-term, medium-term and long-term elements and is well-researched and ready to be discussed at council and in committees.

I will deliver!


François’ Response the ACFO Survey

Learn more about ACFO and the good work that they do for the well-being of the francophone community of the national capital region, click here: https://acfoottawa.ca/en/ Here is a link to my survey response, in french: François répond au sondage de l’ACFO

About Francois

An active community member, I bring the following to Innes Ward:


  • Undergraduate degree in Political Studies
  • Master’s of Public Administration (Management)
  • Master’s of Education

Service to our Community

  • Rotary Club of Orléans member (since Feb of 2017)
  • Vintage Stock Theater – Member, Board of Director (since Winter of 2017)
  • 51 CASM Air Cadet Squadron – Squadron Sponsoring Committee
  • Member of Blackburn Community Association (Since 2012):
    • Co-chair Annual Funfair Parade for 2017 and 2018 editions
    • Blackburn Hamlet Membership Director (2015 – 2017)
  • School Councils (2006 to 2017):
    • 7 years as President, 2 years as Vice-President, five different schools in Borden, ON, Cold Lake, AB and Ottawa, (École Le Prelude and École Louis Riel)
  • School board Trustee – Conseil scolaire Centre-Est, Alberta (2010 – 2012)
  • Museum Volunteer, Cold Lake Air Force Museum, Cold Lake, AB ( 2010 – 2012)
  • Click here for more details

Leadership Skills

I am a forward thinking, bilingual leader with extensive expertise in personnel and financial management. I have a demonstrated track record in:

  • Program Management and Evaluation
  • Educational Program Development
  • Inter-Organizational Teamwork
  • Governance / Organizational Leadership
  • Analysis-Change Management
  • Contractual oversight

Experience and Background

Francois grew-up in Longueuil, QC and enrolled in the Canadian Forces in April 1987. After 12 years with the Royal Canadian Navy, he was selected for University Training Program and completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science at Mount Saint-Vincent University, Halifax, NS. Since this time, Francois has served as a Naval Intelligence Officer and a Training Development Officer. After 28 years of service to his country, Francois retired from the Canadian Forces in 2015. Since then, Francois has operated a successful learning development consulting business in Ottawa.

Francois is married to Laurie and has two beautiful children, Victoria and Justin. In 2012, the Trépanier family was transferred to the National Capital Region, the area they have chosen as their final home. The Innes Ward was the ideal location, offering outstanding outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful communities.

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